We are a FULL SERVICE Notary Company! Your One Stop Shop for All Your Notary Needs!

Standard Rates for Loan Signings:

  • E-doc fee up to 100 pg document package. $25, $35 up to 150 pgs. $50 up to 250 pgs. Includes printing of 2 sets.
  • E-doc Fee applies regardless of cancellation or refusal to sign.

*Copy Fee Up to 200 pgs. $15 up to 250 pgs.

  • Notary Wait Fee for 16 minutes to 30 minutes. Will wait first 15 minutes at no extra charge. – $25
  • No Show Fee After waiting 1/2 hour, there is not enougth time to complete the signing in time alloted. Full fee and other charges apply. – Full Charges
  • Cancellation Fee less than five business (8:00-5:00) hours before scheduled appointment. – $65
  • Client Refusal to Sign If there are questions during the signing, Our Notaries attempt to contact the contact person or persons during the signing. When contact is unavailable, our Notaries encourage client to write questions on a pad and tell them to call their contact person for answers the next business day, assuring them they can cancel the loan within rescission period if their questions are not answered to their satisfaction. If client refuses to sign, full charges apply.
  • Lender or Title Company’s Error or Omissions resulting in a follow up visit – 5 or fewer pages. – $65
  • Lender or Tilte Company’s Error or Omissions resulting in a follow up visit – over 5 pages, or Documents Redrawn – Full Charges

Standard Rates for Mobile/Remote Notary Signings and Services:

Our standard rate (10am-8pm) includes travel, 1st notarized signature and up to 30 min with the client(s).

*Standard rates for Fairfax, VA: $35
*Outside of Fairfax, VA: $50+

*rates apply to appointments scheduled 24 hours prior

Additional fees:

  • One (1) hour notice is an additional $40 rush fee.
  • Each Additional Signature: +$1
  • Additional 30 min: $25
  • Witness Needed for Service: $75 (standalone service fee), $50 (if ordered with another notarial service)
  • Courier rates – $50 (standalone service fee), $30 (if ordered with another notarial service)
  • After hours (8pm – 10am), weekends and holidays the minimum fee is $100 for up to 1 hour with the clients.

Accepted Methods of payment: PayPal, cash, ALL MAJOR credit cards and money orders. Company checks are accepted for corporate clients only.

10% discount – active duty personnel, reservists, and veterans

5% discount – senior citizens age 65 and over

*Security deposit (taken at time of scheduling appointment) – 10% of total payment for service requested. Security deposit will be added to payment of service after service is completed. However, if client is a no-show or cancels within 24 hours of appointment, they will forfeit their security deposit.

NoVA 24/7 Notary Services notarizes the following documents and services:

– Conveyances and Acknowledgments
– Loan Document Signings
– Mortgage Signings and Closings
– Acknowledging Real Estate
– Deed of Trust
– Escrow Documents
– Title Documents
– Grant Deed
– Quitclaim Deed
– Interposal Deed
– Affidavits/Depositions
– Financial Documents
– Health Documents
– Insurance Documents
– Oaths and Affirmations
– Single Page Document Signings
– Adoption
– Divorce Papers and Divorce modifications
– D.N.R Documents
– Guardianship
– Affidavit
– Power of attorney
– Adoption papers
– Loan modifications
– Reverse mortgages
– Divorce papers
– Annulment papers
– Domestic partnership
– Consent form
– Motor vehicle documents
– Financial documents
– Legal documents
– Health & Medical documents
– Insurance documents
– Visa & Passport documents
– Employment documents
– Transfer of ownership & title
– Promissory note
– Loan signing
– Political candidate documents
– Oaths
– Contracts
– Statements or letters
– Confidentiality agreements
– or ANY document that requires notarizing